plastic spoon/fork/knife mold cycle time is very critical for the manufacturers. They always look for good spoon/fork/knife mold suppliers who can offer high quality mold and with fast cycle time.

Odin Mould company plastic spoon/fork/knife mold suppliers in china, will make you satisfied with mold quality and delivery time.

We offer you with multi-cavity Pplastic spoon/fork/knife molds, 8 cavities, 16 cavities, 24 cavities, 32 cavity ,48 cavities… cold runner ot hot runner

For spoon/fork/knife mold cycle time, based on high speed injection molding machines, with 16 cavity spoon/fork/knife molds, the cycle time goes around 6s , with 24 cavity spoon/fork/knife mold, the cycle time will go to 9s.