Plastic crate moulds supplier from China

Odin Mould is a professional plastic mould maker for plastic crate,turnover box, we supply beer bottle crate mould,bread crate mould,milk crate mould,vegetable crate mould,collapsible crate mould,fish crate mould ………

Normally the crate dimensions are larger and require good mechanical properties ,low temperature and weather resistance,to meet this requirements,we ususally use HDPE material to produce crate,and the parts outside surface and bottom will be designed  multiple cross rib to increase its strength and stiffness.For this injection molding of crate,the mould usually design to 1 cavity,point gate.

Option C: Level C quality(Lowest Level Quality)

Mould Base: 45# Steel,self-made

Core/Cavity: P20

Slider/Insert: P20

Mould spare parts: Jinghong,China

Hot Runner: Hongying,China

Mould Life:5,000,000 shots

Cycle Time:60s

Option B: Level B quality(Middle Level Quality)

Mould Base: 45# Steel,self-made

Core/Cavity: 718H

Slider/Insert: 718H

Mould spare parts: Jinghong, China

Hot Runner: Hongying,China

Mould Life:800,000 shots

Cycle Time:55s


Mould Base: LKM,45# Steel

Core/Cavity: S136+Becu

Slider/Insert: S136

Mould spare parts: SKD

Hot Runner: YUDO

Mould Life:1,000,000 shots

Cycle Time:40s