BMC Injection Mould China Manufacturer

BMC is the acronym for Bulk Molding Compound in English. BMC is a semi-dry process for molding glass fiber reinforced thermosetting products. It is composed of unsaturated polyester resin, low shrinkage/low profile additives, initiators, and internal mold release agents. , Mineral fillers, etc. are pre-mixed into a paste, and then thickeners, colorants, etc. are added, and glass fibers of different lengths are stirred in a special material kettle to carry out the thickening process, and finally form a lumpy intermediate material, Can be used for molding and injection.

Odin Mould has 3 1250T BMC injection machine support you BMC molding need.

ODIN SMC/BMC Mould Service

SMC compression mould 01
BMC injection mould 02