ODIN MOULD have the ability to do every detail, and we are committed to developing products with higher precision, better rigidity, more durability and higher technical content.

Variety of processing equipment, scientific process and engineers with many years of experience. We strive to provide customers with satisfactory molds and products.

Hydraulic equipment

The 2000-ton press can ensure a high degree of accuracy in the production process of the mold.

Mold heating type: oil temperature heating/electric heating

The hydraulic cylinders we use: Parker, HPS, Merkle, SMC, etc.

Hydraulic machine work surface: 3600mm*2400mm

CNC machining

Our processing machines are controlled by a computer or network directly connected to the engineer, and then go to the processing workshop by experienced programming processing procedures, giving complete control of the production process while ensuring the flexibility of finishing and roughing.

Machine list

High-speed CNC milling machine CNC milling machine Wire cutting
CNC finishing Deep hole drill
600T hydraulic press

600T Hydraulic Press

BMC injection machine

BMC Injection Machine


CMM Machine


CNC Machine

deep drilling

Deep Drilling


EDM Machine

gas assist equipment

Gas Assist Equipment

High speed CNC

High Speed CNC